“Every man owes a part of his time and money to the business or industry in which he is engaged. No man has a moral right to withhold his support from an organization that is striving to improve conditions within his sphere.”  - Theodore Roosevelt

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We expect this year to be another challenging year for NUCA Pennsylvania as we strive to keep our members informed on a wide range of legislative and regulatory issues that can have a profound impact on our industry and your employees. We monitor the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority (PENNVEST), the Department of Environmental Protection for regulations and technical guidance changes. We participate on the PA One Call System Board and their Committees. We attend the Commonwealth Finance Agency meetings and participate in Legislative hearings on utility and business related industry issues.   We are trying to change the DBE Solicitation process to a self-help process through an online bid process. PennDOT's ban on the use of excavator-mounted hydraulic compactors was resolved on November 22, 2013, when we received PennDOT's Strike-off letter lifting the ban.  We completed the PennDOT hoe pac study using the smallest hoe pac to achieve a 12" maximium lift height. PennDOT has a draft proposal accepting a maximum 8" lift for trench backfilling, continued inspections during backfill process, then again in 2 years. In addition, we are in the process of working with PennDOT to revise the Pub. 459 Highway Occupancy Permit regulations.  Our meetings are expected to be completed by the end of 2017. 

On the legislative front, we are fighting to protect the work of utility contractors throughout the Commonwealth by lobbying against a Plumbers' Licensure bill that contains a very broad definition of "plumbing services."  The PA One Call law is on the table again for 2017.  This is another top priority for utility contractors. 

In 2015 we began Leadership training directly related to the industry.  This training series will continue in 2016.  We also plan to provide indirect personnel management training to help your employees hone their personal skills for future growth within your company. This training will be offered for executive, mid-management and field personnel. This trainer holds a PHD in Psychology with many years of teaching experience.

 From passing along vital regulatory information and case law, to meeting with Pennsylvania’s Congressional Delegation, to representing utility and excavation industry before the Pennsylvania General Assembly, working with various coalitions- such as the Delaware Valley Common Ground Alliance Regional Partnership, the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Group, to networking with other professional and trade associations that can help us achieve our advocacy goals; NUCA Pennsylvania is in the trenches with you.

In 2015 we began offering Leadership workshops directly related to the industry. We plan to continue with more leadership training for your executive, mid-management and field employees on both direct industry related training as well as indirect personnel management training. 

  Everyone reaps the reward when we all renew our membership in the Association.  If you are considering membership, please consider all that this organization does for you and your industry and join us as an active member where you will meet and access the most prestigeous people in the utility and excavation industry.

We also partnered with Drexel University for discounted online construction management courses for our members.  They agreed to extend this discounted rate to NUCA PA members for other online curriculmn too!


Any person, firm, or corporation engaged in the construction and/or rehabilitation of utility systems including, but not limited to, storm sewers, sanitary sewers and drainage, systems, water lines, cables (underground communication and electric), ducts, conduits, gas lines, tunneling, boring, trenchless construction, treatment systems, pump stations and other utility construction and appurtenances thereof.




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Any person, firm or corporation who or which is involved in the utility construction industry as a supplier of equipment, materials and or services to contractors. (Full Voting Member)



Any person, firm, corporation or school or governmental entity not eligible to be a Contractor Member and/or an Associate member and has a professional interest in the utility industry. An Affiliate member has no voting rights and will be on the general mailing list. This classification is intended to allow the Affiliate member to relate to this association on a social level.




Faxable Form

The faxable form is a fill-able form using Adobe Reader v8 and higher.



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