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An Underground View
Aging Infrastructure
And, what you need to comprehend to ensure clean water:

 Out-of Sight; Out-of-Mind
of the public knowledge on the issues affecting
their underground  infrastructure: Water, Sewer, Electric, Telephone, Broadband, Gas, etc.  All are in need of major upgrades, repair or replacement.

Ground Water Contamination:

  • Aged systems beyond lifespan
  • Drugs in drinking water
  • Phosphorus & Nitrogen

Water infiltration to systems require increased treatment of rainwater

Moratorium on expanding systems

Conservation to preserve watersheds

Future "Water Wars" due to drought conditions


State &



Action Needed:


$1.8 Billion

annually for

20 years






The creation of a Clean Water Trust Fund provides a perpetual fund of $250 million annually to repair existing water & sewer infrastructure and sustain living wage jobs through a low-cost pay-as-you-go system. Infrastructure is the backbone of future economic development, prosperity and the quality of life. Contact your legislator and support infrastructure funding.


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