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Leading with Safety (Hardcover)
 A Behavior-Based Approach
By: Thomas R. Krause

Leaders significantly impact organizational culture through what they choose to focus on and how they go about doing the things they do. That is why companies with identical safety initiatives often have vastly different results. In his new book Leading with Safety, Dr. Thomas R. Krause--chairman of Behavioral Science Technology, Inc.--poses the question, "What does it take to be a great safety leader?" Building on years of research and experience in the field, he answers the question with a comprehensive new model that defines the practices, tools and systems essential to creating an injury-free workplace, including the role of employees at each level, special considerations for coaching the senior executive leader and the two crucial aspects of human performance that every leader needs to know. In the book's foreword, former OSHA Administrator John Henshaw says, "Any organization interested in establishing an injury- and illness-free workplace can benefit from taking stock in the ideas, data and systems described in this book."

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Slack : Getting Past Burnout, Busywork, and the Myth of Total Efficiency (Paperback)



by Tom Demarco "
THE LEGACY of the nineties has been a dangerous corporate delusion: the idea that organizations are effective only to the extent that all their workers..."

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McGraw Hill's new book presents business insights and profitable practices of construction contracting. Author is a practicing management consultant who works only with construction contractors. Book is 416 pages and describes trends, delivers insights, and gives "Best Practices" about how to make more money in the business with less risk. Learn the Gates Bidding Model, Job Sizing, Dual Overhead Rate Recovery, Best Job Cost Reports, Construction's Unique Risk / Reward Curve, Behavior Based Management plus much more. We include over 130 best practices, 100+ illustrations and if you order the book from our website, we will include a CD containing over 60 Excel Spreadsheet Templates used in construction contracting and 15 day access to one of our online courses. If you prefer, send a check for $99 to us at 956 Denton Road, Winter Park, Florida 32792. Here are what three construction executives said "In writing this book, Matt has done an exceptional job focusing on the fundamentals of operating a PROFITABLE construction firm. Matt’s book is a reminder that construction companies deserve to be rewarded for taking on risk and such risk requires intense control at every stage. Any firm, no matter its size, will prove successful and profitable by following these principals and logical approach.” Les Snyder - Senior Vice President - Barton Malow Company.  

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  Table of Contents
  Introduction 11
1 The Top-down Attitude: The Number-one Leadership Hang-up 21
2 Putting Paperwork before Peoplework: Confessions of an Obsessive-compulsive 37
3 The Absence of Affirmation: What Could Be Better than a Pay Raise? 53
4 No Room for Mavericks?: They Bring Us the Future 65
5 Dictatorship in Decision-making: Getting beyond "I Know All the Answers" 81
6 Dirty Delegation: Refusing to Relax and Let Go 97
7 Communication Chaos: Singing off the Same Page in the Hymnbook 113
8 Missing the Clues of Corporate Culture: The Unseen Killer of Many a Leader 133
9 Success without Successors: Planning Your Departure the Day You Begin 157
10 Failure to Focus on the Future: Prepare Yourself, It's Later than You Think 179

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