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Active Contractor – Four contractor dues levels to fit the size of your company
Associate Member – Supplier of equipment, materials or services at affordable rate
Affiliate Member –Professional interest in promoting the utility industry


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Safety training is the cheapest labor cost. One safety violation or accident can put your company out of business. NUCA of Pennsylvania realizes you need to provide this important education, that's why we offer safety training at discounted rates for our members. These seminars usually run through the fall and winter months when work is slower. Competent Person, Confined Space Entry, OSHA 10-hour Training, Trench Rescue are our most popular training seminars. NUCA Safety Manuals are available to help your company start a safety program that complies with OSHA Requirements.

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You can't fight city hall alone! But we can fight together!  NUCA of Pennsylvania has undertaken several legal issues that affect the utility industry as a whole. We challenged several union-only project labor agreements and the Pennsylvania sales tax on materials and equipment. These issues continue to need our combined efforts for even greater success.

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Do you have the time to attend every legislative and regulatory hearing that affects the utility industry? That's why you need to join NUCA of Pennsylvania. Our goal is to represent the common interests of the utility contractors at hearings, meetings and conferences throughout the state. NUCA of Pennsylvania testified before a Joint State Government Committee on "Infiltration and Inflow."  We were instrumental in having the Committee form the "Infiltration Task Force" to address the sewer and water needs for Pennsylvania. NUCA of Pennsylvania also facilitated the passage of the Pennsylvania One Call Law, which provides for certain contractor protections under the law. And, we acquired the passage of the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority (PennVest) that provides funding for many of our sewer and water projects. To stay abreast of these issues, NUCA of Pennsylvania members are appointed to these boards to advise the board of the utility industry's interest.


Ask the average person on the street what is a utility contractor? The answer you will probably get: The phone company or the power company. NUCA of Pennsylvania promotes the utility construction industry statewide. Usually the public only hears about utility contractors when an emergency repair service needs to be provided. NUCA of Pennsylvania is facilitating the public awareness of our industry. We held the first groundbreaking ceremony in the state for a sewer project. The public heard the term "utility contractor" on the local news and it was associated with economic development for the region.

NUCA of Pennsylvania encourages our members to practice good public relationship techniques at every job site. This public relationship has the greatest impact for the industry and your company. The good or bad restoration at a job site is the perceived public perception of a company. NUCA of Pennsylvania teaches negotiation techniques that help our members resolve those difficult situations.

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A good business practice is to treat others, as you would like to be treated!  NUCA of Pennsylvania members promote ethical practices among utility contractors and with the general public.

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Your involvement has a direct relationship to the benefits you will receive from your association with NUCA of Pennsylvania. Association involvement offers invaluable experience in molding you into a stronger professional. You'll benefit from teamwork, management experience, observation of the leadership style of others, a sense of community with your colleagues, time management and organizational skills. You determine the amount of time you spend working with your association. Whether it's limited or highly participatory, the skills and knowledge you'll gain from the experience are invaluable and will serve you well in your business.

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